The beauty of Vitosha Mountain

buy an apartment with a view of Vitosha

Do you enjoy mountains views from your balcony? If you like to buy an apartment with a view of Vitosha Mountain, here are some strong points about that investment. Sofia may not have a big river to talk about, but it is located at the foot of the majestic Vitosha Mountain. Standing at a proud 2290 meters high. The mountain provides opportunities for tourism and skiing for the residents of Sofia. And it can be a very good option for a break from the summer heat and the city traffic.

Spring and autumn are wonderful seasons for a relaxing walk through the magnificent mountain, which is only 15 km from the city center. In the autumn you will even find blueberries, wild strawberries and raspberries. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, flowers and scents that nature generously offers us.

A little more about Vitosha

Vitosha is the fourth highest mountain in Bulgaria and is the first national park on the Balkan Peninsula with its wonderful wildlife species.

Vitosha is the greatest treasure for all the people of Sofia. Because it is the lungs of the capital city. You can reach the foot of the mountain in less than half an hour by car. Escape the noise of the city and enjoy the beautiful nature among forests of pines and firs.

Historical information

Vitosha is the first park in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula. It is also the cradle of organized tourism in Bulgaria. Announced one year after London’s definition of national parks. In 1936, under the influence of the Union for Nature Protection – for its announcement, an Ordinance was drafted and promulgated – a law for the protection of native nature, according to which the park is no longer national, but folk. 


The flora of Vitosha includes all plant areas typical of the Bulgarian mountains, except the alpine one. The park is home to many Balkan endemics, and in the open highlands you can see the globular yellow flowers of the tulip Vitosha (Trollius europaeus). The number of species of orchids found in its territory is up to 30. Vitosha mountain is home of many larger and smaller mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians. During the different seasons in the Vitosha mountain can be observed 200 species of birds, of which 120 species nesting in the park.

Sofia is the only European capital where the brown bear inhabits. Since 2002, the park administration has successfully implemented a project to revive the Balkan goats, a species that died in the mountains more than 100 years ago. When the park was created, it was some of the earliest Nature Reserves in Bulgaria.

Apartment with a view to Vitosha Mountain

At the foot of Vitosha you will find Mountain Hills, a new modern complex combining cozy and practical. In addition to its exquisite appearance, the apartments have wide terraces and courtyards from which you can have great views of the incredibly beautiful mountains and enjoy the tranquility and fresh air.