Change in housing demand during a pandemic

тристаен апартамент в драгалевци

In our constantly growing capital city Sofia, much of the demand for buying a home is in the neighborhoods near the mountains. Alfa Build chose to build its Mountain Hills complex in this area, where you can find a choose of one and two bedroom apartment in Dragalevtsi.

There are many factors to consider before making a new home purchase.

Changes in our habits

Recently, we have witnessed how the COVID-19 pandemic changed our way of life and we began to build new habits.

Our way of thinking has changed, which we would not say it is a bad thing – it’s just different.

Most people find working from home a lot of positive. For example – we do not waste time and money in traffic. We are more focused and we do achieve more working from home.

In general, we have started spending most of our time in our homes, and this will continue to be a trend, even as we start going out more often and traveling back to work.

In this regard, many people are thinking about how to make their lives better and how to be happier in their homes.

In the dramatic changes in people’s behavior caused by the pandemic, we see our home becoming a multifunctional shelter used for work, school, leisure and exercise.

Purchase of one and two bedroom apartment in Dragalevtsi

We know what is the advantage of living in a house, but not everyone can afford it, so the option to buy an apartment with its own yard or terrace with beautiful views and fresh air is increasingly tempting and preferred.

Alpha Build’s development  Mountain Hills offers you that advantage of feeling in living in a house in a cost effective way. The complex is situated in the quiet part of Dragalevtsi, Sofia without a noise, heavy traffic and dust from large streets. You can sleep with the windows open and have a good and healthy night sleep.

Building 2 offers a choice of one and two bedroom apartments in Dragalevtsi, which have beautiful terraces and views of our majestic Vitosha Mountain.

The maisonettes with courtyards in Building 1 give you the feeling that you live in a house without having to pay high prices to buy a house.

What could be better than raising our children in a quiet and peaceful place? The peace of mind that our child will go out to play in the yard and breathe fresh air without worrying about traffic, viruses and other problems.

It is also an advantage for people with four-legged pets, who can easily open the door and let them run in the yard without interrupting their activities.

Exercise, so important to our health, is increasingly lacking in the days of a pandemic. On the terrace or courtyard in the Mountain Hills apartments you have the ideal opportunity to exercise outside most of the year and maintain your health.

The other big advantage is the proximity of the complex to the tourist trails of Vitosha Mountain and the lift of Dragalevtsi, which you can reach in no more than 20 minutes on foot.

The quiet terrace and the yard give us freedom, and such pleasant emotions that we need in these dynamic times.

Imagine relaxing on the terrace or in the yard with a favorite drink or food, watching the colors of the mountains and trying to guess her mood.

All this charges your senses with positive energy and contributes to the health and happiness that we all strive for and wish for.

Contact us to tell you about the choice of one and two bedroom apartment in Dragalevtsi in the Mountain Hills complex and to answer your questions.