Apartment with yard in Dragalevtsi

Жилище с двор в Драгалевци

The demand for a home with a yard in Dragalevtsi and the neighboring neighborhoods is growing.

This type of apartment with a garden provide us with peace, freedom and our green space overlooking Vitosha. Not everyone can afford to buy a house, and the required investment for an apartment with a yard is much smaller.

History of Dragalevtsi

The history of Dragalevtsi is rich and long.

The village of Dragalevtsi joined the Sofia Municipality in 1938. During the period of accession Dragalevtsi Municipality had about 15,000 decares of fields and meadows, 8,000 decares of forest, vacant and built-up plots of 2,500 decares.

The then mayor of the capital greeted the people of Dragalevtsi and gave assurances that efforts would be made for the progression of Dragalevtsi annd the future of the neighborhood will develop in accordance with its local conditions as a resort and agricultural center.

It is a known fact that the morbidity and mortality of the population at that time was 4 times lower than that of the surrounding settlements. The main favorable factor was the fresh mountain air and the calm way of life, which to this day is one of the main advantages of Dragalevtsi.

Dragalevtsi today

The neighborhood, in the part where the original village was, is built mostly with typical rural houses. Over the years it has grown and the vacant lands are being built with luxury villas with spacious yards, single-family houses and small family hotels.

The property prices in Dragalevtsi are one of the highest in the capital. The vacant plots are almost exhausted, despite the lack of sewerage infrastructure, the developers are finding ways to operate the complexes and most of them already have treatment plants.

The growth of the area continues at a rapid pace over the past 10 years and today we see that construction is aimed at small residential complexes up to 4 floors with controlled access, swimming pools, beautifully landscaped common areas.

Many of these new gated complexes have, retain the idea, living near Mount Vitosha, to have the opportunity to connect with nature and be the owners of our green space.

Mountain Hills complex in Dragalevtsi

The first floors of Mountain Hills 1 and 2 have two-bedroom apartments with private courtyards.

An apartment with a yard in Dragalevtsi is an excellent opportunity to acquire your special place, providing you with a place to relax after a hard day, joy for you and your family.

Buying an apartment with a yard is much more affordable than buying a house, maintenance is much less and cheaper and at the same time you can enjoy your wonderful moments in the garden, which is landscaped and decorated to your liking.

Alpha Build offers in Mountain Hills:

  • Building 1 – four two-bedroom penthouses with courtyards
  • Building 2 – six two-bedroom apartments with courtyards