Quality of life in Sofia

Качество на живот в София

Almost everyone is of the opinion that the Coronavirus has changed our way of life, and the residents of the capital are also among those who dream of peace, security and fight for a better quality of life in Sofia.

More than a year has passed since we continued to live in a covid-19 pandemic. We went through different stages – in the beginning there was stress, fear of the unknown disease. After a long stay in isolation at home, the feelings turned into irritation and dissatisfaction.

Many of us have been able to cope with the disease and look at reality differently, realizing how important it really is to be healthy and to appreciate the little things.

A typical Bulgarian feature is to wish health in our congratulations for birthdays and holidays. No matter what difficulties we go through personally and economically, we see that we cope with everything, thanks to health and positivity.

According to Mercer, the quality of life in Sofia ranks 116th in the ranking of the best cities to live in the world. We know that in every city in the world there are neighborhoods with better and poorer infrastructure.

Sofia is not inferior to many other cities in Europe and is really growing, but not aging.

We also have neighborhoods in Sofia, which are a more preferred place to live, due to the modern infrastructure and amenities, but accordingly the price of real estate is much higher.

Let’s not forget that in addition to infrastructure, the most important for our health are clean air and tranquility.

Sofia, as a modern European city, has a hectic daily life, traffic, stress, travelling long distances and all this affects us emotionally.

Although there are many large parks in the central parts of the city and nearby neighborhoods, life in them can be stressful due to noisy streets with heavy traffic, bad air, parking problems, too close to other residential buildings.


Vitosha remains the largest recreational park in Sofia and offers recreation and sports in all seasons. As in all major cities around the world, so in Sofia, the trend in recent years is to buy homes outside the central parts of the city.

More and more young families prefer to raise their children in a quiet and clean place. Dragalevtsi is one of the districts of Sofia, providing us with a quality lifestyle, fast connection with the center and other parts of the city.

At the foot of Vitosha Mountain, the air in the neighborhood is fresh due to the proximity to the mountain and the air current that passes through it.

Dragalevtsi offers its residents everything they need for a modern lifestyle – two large supermarket chains, many smaller specialty stores for groceries, meat, fruits and vegetables, cafeterias and quality restaurants.

The vacant plots in Dragalevtsi are almost exhausted, soon the new construction will be quite rare, respectively the prices for new construction residential properties will be higher.

There is still an opportunity to choose and pop up new homes in Dragalevtsi at reasonable prices. The complex of Alpha Build “Mountain Hills” consists of two buildings on four floors with underground garages and parking spaces, beautiful landscaped common areas and private small green courtyards to the apartments on the first floor.

Most of the apartments have been sold, but you still have the opportunity to choose a two-bedroom apartment on the second floor with a terrace or a two-bedroom apartment with its own yard, as well as several penthouses with a yard.

Contact Alpha Build and come for a tour to feel the vibrations of the place and see the complex.