Some of the public service available in Boyana include:

  • The district health service is located at Al. Pushkin ”No. 112., next to Primary School“ Tsanko Tserkovski ”
  • Child-Adolescent Psychiatric Clinic – a leading specialized educational institution in the country
  • Licensed Nursing Home of the Holy Virgin

The private kindergarten “Balgaranche” is located in Boyana Sofia, close to major streets, but in the same time is isolated from the city noise. Its is situated among the beautiful scenery of Vitosha Mountain, where, surrounded by lots of love and attention, the children can learn and enjoy growing up

Private Language Kindergarten “Smile Nursery” is located in one of the cleanest areas of Sofia. They have a spacious and secure yard where children play and have fun in the fresh air.

“Uvekind” Kindergarten creates a supportive and tolerant environment and programs that enable all members of the school community to develop their potential, express their individuality and discerning spirit. The school environment is wide open to the values and traditions of different cultures, educating our students in an active attitude, understanding and respect for others.

“Pri Baba” is a private kindergarten located in Boyana quarter of Sofia. The kindergarten has a sunny and spacious facilities, surrounded by beautiful well-maintained garden. It has highly qualified teachers and medical personnel with long experience of working with children.

“Palavi Kracheta” is kindergarten with private funding. It is situated in one of the most green and clean regions of Sofia. The proximity of the mountain provides an opportunity for children to spend a large part of the day among nature.

CHPSOU Sveti Naum is a privately financed secondary (I – XII class) school. Learning time: two shifts. The school is housed in its own separate and comfortable building at the foot of Vitosha Mountain with a secured yard and a playground, a relaxation area, a school kitchen, a dining room and a school buffet.

CHOU “Saint Sofia” is a privately funded primary (I – VIII class) school. Learning time: 1 daily shift

Kindergarten No 112 is a special kindergarten for children with intellectual disabilities. The garden is funded by the municipality.

Many of the best restaurants in Sofia are located in Boyana. Two exables are: Boyana Family Bar & Dinner and Cinecitta Italian, Osteria Italiana, Perfeto Restaurant, Cucina Casalinga, Restaurant Casa Boyana etc.

The neighborhood has a convenient  transport network.

The following bus routes link Boyana with the rest of Sofia – 64, 63, 107

The 64 bus (Direction: Centre Of Hygiene) has 34 stops departing from City Zoo (2764) and ending in Centre Of Hygiene (2342).

The 63 bus (Direction: Tsar Boris III Blvd) has 20 stops departing from Byalata Cheshma St. (1839) and ending in Tsar Boris Ііі Blvd. (2543).

The 107 bus (Direction: Kapruzitsa Qr) has 22 stops departing from Boyana Church (0261) and ending in Karpuzitsa Qr. (0849).