Dragalevtsi is a quarter of Sofia, part of Vitosha municipality and situated in the southwestern part of the city, at the foot of Vitosha mountain.

A former village incorporated into the city in the 20th century, Dragalevtsi is today an affluent quarter built up with luxurious, modern single-family homes, small luxury apartment luxury complexes, villas and hotels.

Dragalevtsi is now one of the most prestigious and preferred residential quarters not only in Sofia, but perhaps all over Bulgaria.

Dragalevtsi village is located in the low northern slopes of Vitosha on the right bank of the Dragalevska River at an average altitude of 750 meters.

Its proximity to the city center (7 km) and Vitosha Mountain, it’s spectacular panoramic views and excellent communications(both transport and technology) make Dragalevtsi an extremely attractive for location for.living. Dragalevtsi is the preferred area in  Sofia for the business elite and people of high social status, becong the luxury villa zone of the capital of Bulgaria.

Dragalevtsi is located between the Simeonovo and Boyana neighborhoods, located south of the city near the Sofia Ring Road.  These three districts are the most upmarket locations outside of the centre of Sofia. This makes Dragalevtsi prestigious and expensive neighborhoods in Sofia the perfect place to live and make successful real estate investments in Sofia.

Dragalevtsi is also a major tourist destination and includes a two-person chairlift connecting the quarter with the Vitosha ski runs and the Dragalevtsi Monastery,which  founded in the 14th century in the Second Bulgarian Empire.

Residents of Sofia, the rest of Bulgaria and international visitors often spend their weekends in Dragalevtsi, as they prefer to walk in the mountains, breathing a fresh air and visiting their favorite Aleko peak by chairlift, where they can visit the St. Mary Dragalevski Monastery.

Tourists may enjoy the many, quality accommodation options available in the Dragalevski area, that includes comfortable 3-star hotels with their own restaurants or gardens with barbecue, and a luxury 4- star complexes which include spas and fitness centres.

Dragalevtsi History

The name of today’s Dragalevtsi district in Sofia is most closely related to Tsar Ivan Alexander. In 1345 the Bulgarian tsar, inspecting the condition of the Sredets fortress, admiring the courage and fighting skills of its defenders, addressed with welcome words to his wars: “Dear Levs”, “Dear Levs”. The term “lion”, “lioness” meant lion – lions. For this reason the village was called Dragalevtsi.

Today’s monastery buildings were built after the liberation of Bulgaria.

Dragalevtsi Architecture

The neighborhood was originally constructed primarily with normal rural, but  now elegant properties are being designed and constructed in small boutique buildings with extensive landscaping in the gardens.

Many of the new developments have inbuilt parking lots with electronically controlled access gates.

Real estate investment in Sofia

The main value of the property is related to the location, and Sofia is no exception. Certain parts of the capital are characterized by higher prices due to the proximity to metro stations, public transport, elite schools and kindergartens, important shopping centers, modern infrastructure, etc. 

Property buyers tend to pay more for proximity to the city center, their workplace, near by schools or the tranquility and fresh air of the magnificent mountain Vitosha.

Prices for investment in real estate in the capital tend to follow similar, if not identical models. The highest prices are determined by properties in the central, southern and the southwestern part of the city, which are considered the most prestigious.

The Doctor’s Garden neighborhood with its aristocratic old apartments, the lovely Renovated park and diplomatic residences offers the most expensive residential properties in Sofia, exceeding even the top center in pricing. 

Purchase prices are declining for the north unrestored parts of the good, old center (to Central Station), where there is still little supply of new construction. However, the area offers great investment opportunities with its spacious apartments in Viennese style and with real potential to become another wonderful part of the historic center of Sofia in the near future.

The cost becomes more favorable 4 km or more from the center. Many of these neighborhoods now have quick access to the city center thanks to the Sofia metro. Most are bordered by superb recreation areas, such as the huge South Park or Hunting Park, or the smaller but beautiful Geo Milev Park.

The purchase prices of real estate in Sofia have been rising slowly in recent years, most recently with an increase of 5-7%, creating a stable investment climate. Properties located in the center or Oborishte are rising faster by 15% more than the beginning of the year.

Advantages of new construction properties in Dragalevtsi, Sofia


  • The price for buying an apartment under construction is much lower than an already completed new apartment with Act 16 or older one.
  • When buying a property under construction, adjustments can be made in the interior architecture of your apartment, such as changes in the layout, according to your design views and amenities.
  • Buying a new apartment is a good investment, whether you are buying it as your main home or for renting.
  • The property will be preferred and its potential in the next sale or rental will be greater.
  • The value of the new construction property will increase over time and the next sale will be with profit.
  • The new construction buildings are built with modern, up-to-date and quality materials. New technologies are being used, the precision of execution is much greater.
  • The new buildings have high-quality thermal insulation and joinery, which insulate both in winter and in summer, maintain the temperature in the premises and save a large amount of energy and, accordingly, money.
  • The percentage of financing for new construction is much higher and is an important factor when buying on credit.
  • The design of the new buildings is much more aesthetic, beautiful and innovative.
  • The newly built buildings offer much more convenience to the residents – for example, a warm connection with the garages and parking spaces, more modern and silent elevators and more.
  • One of the biggest advantages here in Bulgarias is to own a garage or parking space, usually they are located in the basement. A real relief for the living. Imagine how much easier it is to live if you don´t waste time and nerves to drive around and look for a place to park on the street. And in the winter you save the hassle of cleaning the snow and defrosting your car!

New construction and investment in properties in Dragalevtsi, Sofia

Alpha Build is offering a wonderful opportunity and chooses of one-bedroom, two-bedroom and tree-bedroom apartments with a terrace or yard, as well as a maisonette with a panoramic terrace or a maisonette with a yard in the newly built Mountain Hills complex.