There is no doubt about it that living in Dragalevtsi in Sofia is one of best places to live in the whole of Bulgaria.

There are some of the best schools in Sofia, such as the Britanica Park School, an excellent range of shopping from top quality supermarkets such as Fantastico, designer homeware stores and fashion boutiques. 

The range of restaurants is legendary form old favorites to new swanky, places such as?

Getting to Dragalevtsi is easy whether you are driving or using public transport. Indeed, there is both a steady flow of workers leaving for the city centre on weekday mornings and many visitors visiting for the shopping, eating, skiing and to visit the monastery.

Some of the best schools in Sofia are located in Dragalevtsi. The following is a selection of some of the education options.

LAPINU – bi-lingual private kindergarten

LAPINU was established in 2006 as the first bilingual private day care center in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The menu at LAPINU is prepared with organic products especially selected for children’s health, and  is equipped with ionizers that purify the air inside the building.

Les Petits Princes

Les Petits Princes”is the first French kindergarten in Sofia.

The kindergarten accepts children from 1 to 6 years old. The training method is based on an individual approach and attitude to the rhythm of each child, the activities, the different periods of its development and the fact that children learn at different speeds.


Private kindergarten NEMO was established in 2006 by Nadezhda Karamanska and Monika Petrova with the mission: to bring up and educate children with a lot of music by arousing in them the joy in communicating with it.

HDG “Ezhko-Bezhko”

HDG “Ezhko-Bezhko” is a privately funded is kindergarten and  offers all-day organization of training and education, combined with active sports and leisure, games and entertainme.

Cosmos Kids

Cosmos Kids is private English nursery and kindergarten. Children grow up in English-speaking environment, studying two languages – English and their native language. Cosmos kids caters for children with different nationalities, which allows them to grow up open and tolerant towards sex, race and religion.

Vasil Levski

Vasil Levski is financed by the municipality  and provides education for years I to VIII. The are two shifts every day at the schools.


CHSOU “RYORIH”  is a privately financed secondary (I – XII class) school with early education in foreign languages, art and music.


BRITANICA Park School is a private school (I – XII class), believes in teaching in an eco-friendly environment, enabling the pupils to develop their own potential by combining highly competitive education with alternative and innovative teaching methods that develop the personal qualities of our children.

Public Services in Dragalevtsi

The neighborhood has a town hall and a post office located on Tsar Ivan Alexander Square. The health service is located at 5 – 7 Han Krum Street. Dragalevtsi has Excellent provider of internet and cable TV including A1.

The Chitalishte  building  is located on Tsar Ivan Alexander Square 6. Chitalishte has a library with a wealth of books in excess of 15,000 volumes, and it develops amateur artistic activities, as well as being foreign language school.

In the center of Dragalevtsi, next to the Dragalev Primary School, the Holy Trinity Church contains valuable liturgical books.

Dragalevtsi Shopping

On the part of shops, communications, etc. Dragalevtsi quarter has something to boast about. numerous shops scattered throughout the vast neighborhood, branches of the Fantastico and Lidl chains near the ring road, as well as a Max shop with a Viennese salon on the way to Simeonovo.

Dragalevtsi Transportation

One can reach the monastery by car in about 20-30 minutes from Sofia downtown following a well-maintained, asphalt road from the centre of Dragalevtsi.

The main transport connection of the neighborhood to the city center is Cherni Vrah Blvd.

Dragalevtsi Bus Connections

64 Zoo – Dragalevtsi – Boyana – Hygiene Center. There is also a bus №64 passing through this metropolitan area, one of which is the initial stop at the Hladilnika quarter and the other at the Institute of Hygiene on Academic Ivan Geshov Blvd.

66 Dragalevtsi Zoo – Moreeni Hotel. Bus lines with numbers 66 and 93 pass through the Dragalevtsi quarter, the initial stop of which is “Hladilnika”.

93 Dragalevtsi Zoo – Dragalevtsi Lift. Bus lines with numbers 66 and 93 pass through the Dragalevtsi quarter, the initial stop of which is “Hladilnika”.

98 Zoo – Dragalevtsi Cemetery – Simeonovo Quarter – Bistritsa Village – Zheleznitsa Village. Bus # 98 leaves from James Boucher Subway Station and has a stop at the terminal of tram # 10.