The common parts of the buildings are designed with a modern vision and will be made of high class materials, namely:

LOBBY – Ground floor: walls – latex, floors – flooring of granite tiles, ceiling – suspended ceiling of plasterboard with latex coating with lighting according to an architectural design; Stairs, foyers and platforms: floor – granite flooring, railing according to architectural design, ceilings – applied latex coating, with lighting according to architectural design, walls – plasterboard cladding and latex finish; ELEVATORS – there is an elevator with 5 stops next to the underground parking and a cabin with a modern design – Orona – Spain – model X15. VENTILATION SYSTEM A suction ventilation system has been developed for the underground garage, providing 3 times air exchange. Forced sanitary ventilation is provided for the bathrooms.

For illumination of the common areas of the underground parking are provided fluorescent lighting fixtures 2x36W, and their inclusion will be carried out with motion detectors. The detectors will automatically turn on the lights in the respective zone when registering movement (range up to 12 m, detection angle – 360∞) and turn off when leaving the controlled range after a time delay, which can be set from 5 seconds to 15 minutes.

According to Article 55 of Ordinance зIz-1971, evacuation lighting is provided for marking the exits by means of luminaires with autonomous power supply (with built-in battery), with LED 5W. In the presence of mains voltage, the lighting will be provided by the main light sources, and the emergency lamps will be on duty voltage 220V. In the event of a mains voltage failure, the emergency lighting will switch on automatically.


The installations in these sections will be performed mainly with SVT cable hidden under plaster or in the suspended ceiling. The lighting will be controlled by motion sensors or switches.

According to the requirements of CVT, when passing through walls, the wires will be drawn into flame-retardant pipes (PVC).


For safety reasons, all metal, normally non-conducting parts of the equipment, electrical panels, cable trays, etc., will be connected to the earthing installation by means of a galvanized earthing rail 40/4 mm or 25/3 mm, or with a flexible conductor with cross-section of at least 16 mm2 with yellow-green color, as well as by means of the third or fifth wire of the supply wires.

To protect against atmospheric overvoltages, a lightning protection installation will be made on the roof of the building, consisting of a lightning receiver with anticipatory action with a minimum protection radius of 20 m, mounted on a rod with a height of 3 m.

Lightning arresters made of extruded aluminum wire with Ø8 mm will descend on the outside of the buildings, a non-combustible pipe will be laid.

For periodic revision of the connections and resistance, the connection between the outlet and the ground will be made with a galvanized plate and bolts in a metal box dug into the wall.

The earthing and lightning protection installations will be different and will not have a galvanic connection between them.