The common parts of the buildings are designed with a modern vision and will be made of high class materials, namely:

  • LOBBY – finished, according to interior design

The entrance hall of the building, the corridors and the stairs will be with granite flooring, the walls – latex and decorative panels, the ceilings – suspended, with hidden lighting according to a separate project. The entrance hall is spacious, with a waiting area and a decorative accent. The lobby has a toilet for visitors and a hygienic room with a sink. At the level of underground parking there is a common room, which can be used as a warehouse for common garden maintenance equipment.


Latest generation elevator with electromechanical drive, without engine room. Modern design, automatic doors. Capacity 6 people and certificate of accessibility.

  • YARD – fenced, landscaped, with controlled access

The yard will be fenced with a metal fence, with an access control system. The yard will be landscaped, with irrigation system, park lighting and video surveillance.


The car access to the underground parking is through a ramp with a width of 3.50 m. The ramp will have a non-slip surface and be equipped with an anti-icing system. The underground parking will be paved – polished concrete, the walls in the basement – visible concrete, and where there is thermal insulation – mineral wool slabs,

ground coat and paint, ceiling – thermal insulation boards of mineral wool. Lighting fixtures with motion detectors are provided to illuminate the common areas of the underground car park. Evacuation lighting is provided to mark the exits. The parking lot is not intended for cars with gas systems. The technical possibility for installation of a charging station for electric cars is provided.


The supply of the building with water for drinking and household needs is from a street water supply system on Pushkin Blvd. The main water meter unit is in the underground parking lot. The pipes are PP – polypropylene, thermally insulated.

Domestic and rain wastewater is drained by gravity into the sewerage system on Pushkin Blvd. The sewer pipes are PVC.


The heating is solved with mono and multi-split air conditioning systems, and for each room in the homes will be laid pipe connections, with the possibility of future installation of air conditioners (without installation of indoor and outdoor unit). For each apartment there is an opportunity for future installation of a gas boiler for heating and water heating for domestic use. Installation of aluminum radiators, pounds, gas boiler is not provided. Electric convector bodies are provided in the bathrooms.


Completed lighting, power and low current installations, according to the required capacities. Installed apartment electrical panel, electrical switches, electrical outlets, sockets for lighting fixtures with socket. Cabling and outlets for telephone, intercom, television and internet; Completed bell system.