The advantages of a maisonette with a yard

продава мезонет с двор драгалевци

Alfa Build is a construction and investment company that sells a maisonette with a yard in Dragalevtsi. There are beautiful penthouses all over the world. But the penthouses in Dragalevtsi are simply the best and worth paying attention to.

The maisonette has a huge area, it has large bedrooms, huge bathrooms, a large yard or terrace and everything you want. For large families, penthouses are the best option. As a large number of people can stay together and have their own space. Without taking the necessary care that a house needs.

The Mountain Hills complex has 2 buildings. The first of them is entirely designed in order for the eight maisonette to be wide and spacious, with good lighting and outdoor space (yard or terrace).

Different penthouses have different advantages. Some are located on the second and third floor and have a wide terrace. And others on the first and second, they have a landscaped yard and we will now focus on them:

Maisonette with a yard in Dragalevtsi

The penthouse with a yard in Dragalevtsi is located in the first building of the Mountain Hills complex. They are four in total. Each penthouse has a different layout. Some with a larger yard, others with wider bedrooms and others with a more spacious living room.

Maisonette number 1

This maisonette is facing northeast/southeast. This is the smallest of the four – 125.24 sq.m. with common parts, of which 19.66 sq.m. is a yard. On the first floor there is an entrance hall. A wet room (1.94 sq.m.), a bathroom (3.62 sq.m.), as well as a naturally wide living room combined with the kitchen (23.89 sq.m.). The living room has wide windows from which you can watch your landscaped yard.

Like all maisonette it has two bedrooms upstairs. The royal bedroom is 16.88 sq.m. wide, with a corner terrace. And the smaller one is 10.53 sq.m. with a separate, smaller terrace. On the second floor there is also a wider bathroom which is 6.62 sq.m.

Maisonette number 2

That particular maisonette has a southwestern/southeastern location – 183.90 sq.m. with the common parts, of which 50.37 sq.m. is a yard overlooking Vitosha Mountain. To the left of the entrance hall is the bathroom on the first floor which is 3.14 sq.m. followed by the living room and kitchen. They have a total area of 48.51 sq.m. and there is enough space for all the elements of a cozy living room, as well as space to make a modern kitchen island. The yard is 50.37 sq.m. which is enough to create a cozy corner, place a barbecue and leave an empty green space for games and fun. On the second floor are the small (12 sq.m.) and the large bedroom (15.20 sq.m.) with two separate terraces, as well as the bathroom (3.14 sq.m.).

Maisonette number 3

This is the largest of all – 246.72 sq.m. with common parts of which 112.82 sq.m. is a yard with southwestern / northwestern exposure. In the entrance hall are the bathroom (3.14 sq.m.) and the stairs to the second floor. Next is the living room combined with a kitchen that is 48.20 sq.m. with space for a wide corner kitchen and a comfortable island. The yard, as we have already said, is huge, has a unique view of Vitosha Mountain and space for everything you can think of. On the second floor are again the two bedrooms. The larger (15.20 sq.m.) and smaller (12.48 sq.m.), as well as the common bathroom with a size of 3.14 sq.m.

Maisonette number 4

The maisonette has 174.72 sq.m. of which 67.96 sq.m. is a yard with southwestern/northwestern exposure. In the entrance hall there is a wet room (1.94 sq.m.) as well as a space for a closet. The living room, the dining room and the kitchen are again combined in one with a size of 28.80 sq.m.. Opposite is the yard, which is 67.96 square meters wide. with a corner location and city views, for wonderful moments with family and friends. Like the other penthouses, this one is also divided into a day and night zone, on the second floor are the big one (16.88 sq.m.) as well as the small bedroom (10.45 sq.m.) and the bathroom which is 3.51 sq.m. .m.


The Alfa Build maisonette really deserve attention. They are spacious, sunny and cozy designed for happy moments with family and friends. It is important to mention that they have a separate entrance on each floor. And thus you do not see the door of the neighbors in the hallway, respectively, there is more privacy. If you want to view one of the penthouses, or want to get more information about them. Do not hesitate to contact us in any way convenient for you.