About Us

Alpha Build is a construction and investment company specializing in the design, construction and sale of residential, office and retail space. Established in 2015, the company has accumulated extensive experience in the design and implementation of a number of projects with private investors and European programs.

The company’s entry into the market as an investor gives it the opportunity to close the entire cycle of building creation – from the idea through design to implementation. In this way, the attention to detail as well as the quality of workmanship remains completely under our control.

The buildings are distinguished by their attention to detail and progressive solutions for adapting to the modern way of life. Alpha Build Properties and Engineering, and their partners, are distinguished by their modern vision, innovative architectural solutions and, uncompromising construction.

The team of Alpha Build Property is composed of highly qualified professionals, providing expertise in all areas of projects. This dynamic team guarantees high quality workmanship, stylish and unique design, and customized exteriors and interiors to improve the environment


Our Buildings

“MOUNTAIN HILLS” is a unique concept of two buildings. One build comprises  boutique penthouses, while the  adjacent building has combination of smaller and medium-sized apartments, offering the comfort of their own yard and panoramic terraces. The buildings are located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, in a quiet neighborhood, combining incredible views of Sofia and Vitosha Mountain, providing tranquility and fresh air.

“PUSHKIN RESIDENCE” is the new investment and construction project of the company “ALPHA BUILD”.

Located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, the residential building combines modern architectural lines, functionality and clean design, in a mountain fresh air environment,  to provide a high standard of living.