Walk in Vitosha Mountain for good health and recreation

разходка във витоша

One of the greatest treasures of our beautiful capital of Bulgaria, Sofia is the close distance to the mountain and an easy walk in Vitosha Mountain, which allow physical and mental exercising and recharge.

It is a well-known fact that people in the mountains live healthier and longer, namely because of the clean and fresh, filled with aromas of herbs and colorful mountain air that fill our lungs. Filling up with oxygen, our mind clears, we get rid of negative energy and we recharge with a smile and a dose of happiness.

Clean air with 0% dust particles helps to deal with respiratory problems and asthma.

The aromas of pine, mountain herbs and flowers drastically reduce stress and depression.

A walk in the mountains rearranges our inner peace and gives us calmness and a sense of security.

The sun’s rays provide Vitamin D, which is so necessary for our body, and stimulate the production of Serotonin – the Hormone of Happiness!

There is no better and free way to get rid of the migraine, aggression, bad moods and depression that we accumulate in our hectic city life.

An active lifestyle improves mood, clears our mind, speeds up metabolism and boosts our energy.

Numerous routes for sports and walk in Vitosha Mountain have been built. Some trails are steeper and extreme, others flatter and easier.

Boyana Waterfall, Boyana Lake and Boyana Church, choosing this one-day route you will give yourself a wonderful experience.

Boyana waterfall is formed by the waters of the Boyana river, which descends along the steep northern branches of the mountain.

Boyana Lake is quite close to Boyana, 1.5 km. southeast direction. The path to it is relatively sloping and is suitable for children and elderly.

Boyana Church with its amazing frescoes is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Golden Bridges are also known as Moreni and are located in the largest stone river in the region, on the northwestern slopes of Vitosha Mountain. The Vitosha stone rivers are one of the most characteristic geological phenomena of Vitosha. The area is extremely beautiful and offers a great opportunity for tourism. If you are in shape and walking does not scare you, you can arrive in 3 hours, starting from Boyana. The other easy way is to go by car.

The panoramic path of Bistritsa – Geleznitsa. The route is flat, quite popular and a favorite place for walks for families with children and people who do not have the physical ability for greater extreme. Walking along the trail you will witness amazing views, colorful benches and chairs, interesting bridges and a wonderful invigorating use of walking through the wide and coniferous forests.

Dragalevtsi Monastery is located just 30 minutes walk from the Mountain Hills Complex in Dragalevtsi, 2 Nenko Balkanski Street. The Monastery was founded in 1341 by Tsar Ivan Alexander and is known for its rich history. The monastery has been declared a cultural monument and houses old printed liturgical books and a manuscript of the Four Gospels.

If you choose to become the owner of an apartment in Mountain Hills, a walk to Dragalevtsi Monastery could become a regular for physical and psychological relaxation.

The Alpha Build residencial complex Mountain Hills is located at the foot of the mountain and from there is an easy opportunity to walk in Vitosha. The complex is within walking distance of the starting point of the mountain trails and Dragalevtsi lift.

The Mountain Hills residential complex consists of two small buildings that have two-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom maisonette.

The apartments and penthouses on the first floor have courtyards, giving us the freedom and the feeling of life in a house. They are a good opportunity and an excellent choice for people who are connected with nature and the earth.

The courtyards to the apartments are landscaped and they are your special part of the house. You will have the opportunity to complement it with your favorite flowers and plants and give it the look in which you will feel comfortable and happy.