Investing in Boyana real estate has multiple benefits for those who choose to live in this upmarket district of Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria.

Boyana is a preferred place of residence for many foreigners, and for Bulgarians who wish to have a high standard of living, including the President, Prime Minister and the Speaker of the National Assembly.

Boyana is among the most prestigious suburban quarters, located at southern Sofia  located about 7 km south of the city center, amidst the fresh mountain air of Vitosha Mountain, which was declared the Balkan Peninsula’s first National Park. Boyana’s neighbours are Dragalevtsi and Knyajevo quarters.

Traveling along Bulgaria Boulevard, you reach directly from Boyana to the center of the capital. good communications with centre on the city – by Boulivard Bulgaria to NDK is reached in 15-20 minutes depending on the traffic.

As you cross the Sofia Ring Road, Boulivard Bulgaria becomes Pushkin Street. Pushkin Street is a wide avenue, and is one of the most desired places to live in the whole of Sofia. Pushkin Residence is perfectly located on Pushkin Street, just after the intersection of the Ring Road.

In the past Boyana was a village named Sevastokrator Kaloyan ehere the aristocracy of the Second Bulgarian State lived.

Only a little of the history of the neighborhood – the remains of a fortress today are located above Momina Skala. (link to Things to do page).

Two of the greatest attractions of Boyana are the Boyana Church dating from Х – ХІ century and the Boyana Waterfall, a river that flows between the quarter and Momina Skala Hut, forming numerous swift currents and waterfalls of about 15 meters in height. The area is a serious attraction for tourists because of the Boyana Church – it is one of the cultural symbols of Bulgaria and part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Boyana lost her status as a village only in 1961.

Residential construction in the area mostly consists of new, luxury single-family houses with gardens or well-designed courtyards.

You will also find gated complexes where people have the opportunity to choose between 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments.

Some of the new residential complexes have controlled access, 24-hour security and video surveillance.

There are also newly constructed business buildings, where companies can rent or buy an office.

The downtown area of Boyana still has older houses from the 70s and 80s, but its appearance is changing rapidly.

Boyana offers lots of greenery and peaceful ambiance that contributes to the healthy lifestyle of its residents:

  • Wonderful and picturesque views Vitosha Mountain
  • Cooler summer and winter than the rest of Sofia
  • Fresh, clean air
  • Good communication with the city center (although during rush hour progress can be slow up and down Boulevard Bulgaria)
  • Numerous grocery stores restaurants and a pharmacy.
  • Gasification
  • Wonderful landmarks such as Boyana Church
  • Excellent shopping and places to eat and drink