The provided materials meet all modern requirements.

The construction is monolithic with reinforced concrete structure and foundation slab.

The partition and enclosing walls are made of ceramic bricks.

The roof is flat – warm type.

The heating is solved with air conditioning systems, but there is an alternative for heating and water heating with gas boilers.

The building is thermally insulated and with modern PVC windows. The elevator is Orona, with electromechanical drive.

It is possible to install a charger for electric cars in the basement.

There are places for air conditioners on the facades.

The building is included in the city sewerage on Pushkin Blvd.

The yard will be landscaped, ennobled and fenced.


CONSTRUCTION – monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton…

The construction of the building is monolithic reinforced concrete with a common foundation slab. It is provided for IX degree of seismicity on the Medvedev-Sponhoyer-Karnik scale. It will be filled with concrete class C25 / 30. The underground part of the building will be built as a waterproofing bath, insulated with two-layer bitumen waterproofing and waterproof concrete;

WALLS – “WIENEBERGER” – POROTERM – ceramic bricks „

External walls – 35 cm, of which 25 cm. Brick and 10 cm. complete thermal insulation system, including expanded polystyrene foam EPS 10 cm and decorative silicone plaster of “CAPAROL”.

38 cm, of which 25 cm brick, 10 cm stone wool air layer, cladding. (suspended ventilated facade with fiber cement boards)

Internal walls – 12 cm brick “Wienerberger”, machine-applied gypsum plaster and a finishing layer of fine plaster;

JOINERY – “REHAU” – PVC window system „