The proximity to Vitosha Mountain and one of the most popular monasteries in the area – the Dragalevski Monastery, make the Dragalevtsi a favorite for weekend walks.

There are many good restaurants and several hotels in the area (one of which is 5-star). Nearby is the monastery “St. The Virgin Mary “, built in the 13th century. In Dragalevtsi district, a two-seater cable car is built that connects the neighborhood to the Vitosha ski runs.

This most touristy quarter of the capital offers great opportunities to enter the mountain on various trails: 15 minutes south of the Dragalevski Monastery is the beautiful area of ​​Bolyarski Kladenets.

Here crosses the Dragalevska River, there is a shelter and a fountain with drinking water. Paths to Kikish shelter and hut are separated from this area. “Stone del” and straight up to the Bay of Krustyo and x. Aleko. Above the Dragalevski Monastery passes the low mountain path.

Vitosha Nature Information Center was opened in 1994 in the southernmost part of Dragalevtsi, along the road going to TC Aleko.

The tourist information centre contains tourist maps which show routes to different points in the mountain. In another corner, Vitosha Nature Information Center also hold information to teach visitors about the cultural and historical past in the Dragalevtsi area, with special attention paid to the Dragalevski Monastery.

There is a small hall where, at the request of the visitors, video films can be screened and environmental topics discussed. The Center provides opportunities for classes in the Green School curriculum.

There is a separate space made available for exhibitions of children’s drawings, photographic boards and other materials on nature conservation topics.

A cylindrical tower has been added to the building, from which the visitors can view the scenery towards the nearby metropolitan areas and all the way to the ridge of the Balkan Mountains.

There is ample parking for visitors’ cars in front of the Center building. Vitosha Nature Information Center can be reached by car, and is a distance of two kilometers from the center of Dragalevtsi  on the road to TC Aleko. The Center can also be reached by foot in 30 minutes from Dragalevtsi Square.

Due to its cultural and spiritual sights, beautiful surroundings, the presence of good connections, Dragalevtsi has always been a desirable village as a starting point for the higher parts of the mountain.

At the end of World War II, a project was developed to build a passenger cable car with a lower station on the outskirts of Dragalevtsi. In 1956, the first branch of the two-seat passenger ropeway was opened. The lower station of the lift is about 30 minutes walking south of the square in the center of the neighborhood.

The second branch of the passenger cable car was opened in 1968. It connects the area of ​​Bai Krustyo with the area of ​​Goli Peak – 1818 m. to Cherni vrah (2290 m) – travelling time one hour – through the Plateau and the Ushite shelter to Kamen del Peak and the Golden Bridges TC.

The lower station of Dragalevskiy Lift is reached by bus # 66, which starts from the Hladilnika bus stop and passes through the center of the neighborhood.

The Dragalevski monastery is located on the left bank of the Dragalevska River at an altitude of 1020 meters.

It was once surrounded by dense beech forest which was cut down in the early 20th century.

The monastery, as well as its cathedral church, are called Holy Mother of God. It has been declared a cultural monument. It can be reached on foot and by car from Dragalevtsi Square in 45 minutes.

One hundred meters above the monastery, in the west direction passes the road to the Tourist Center “Aleko”.